LPIRG is a student-funded, student-directed, not-for-profit organization providing resources for undergraduate students to engage with environmental and social justice issues.

LPIRG embraces plurality and participation, and encourages students to critically evaluate the institutions and systems in which they take part. LPIRG assists students in translating their knowledge through research, education, and action to serve public interest.

LPIRG provides funding, administrative assistance, meeting and storage space, and information resources to students who have projects that are in the public interest.
Funding can be accessed for:

  • Research
  • Special Events or Projects
  • Action Groups (-collectives of students and possibly community members who work together on a public interest issue. Groups may focus on research, events, action, publications, or other activities; and have long-term goals.)

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LPIRG also facilitates opportunities for skill development through educational events, public campaigns and partnerships with community organizations.

How is LPIRG accountable?

LPIRG is a democratic organization that is accountable directly to University of Lethbridge students in the following ways:

  • Any undergraduate student can run for election to the LPIRG board.
  • All board meetings and general meetings are open to students.
  • Students are encouraged to volunteer with LPIRG.
  • LPIRG keeps financial records and produces an annual report, both of which are available to students.
  • Students can opt out of the LPIRG fee and receive a full refund.

Board of Directors

LPIRG’s has a board of directors of 7 undergraduate students that works on a consensus based model. These members are democratically elected during the same time period as the ULSU elections in the Spring semester. Contact us to find out how you can run to be elected to next year’s board.