Global Warning: The Last Chance for Change book cover
Paul Brown
Readers Digest Books
Publication Date: 
2007-01-01 00:00:00

Explaining the science of global warming in layman's language, this hard-hitting assessment shows why scientists predict that it could reach the point of no return within the next 10 years. The global economy, and civilization itself, may collapse unless greenhouse-gas emissions are controlled, warns Brown, a correspondent for the Guardian (U.K.). He bolsters the argument with stunning color photographs showing the effects of humanity's abuse of the planet, such as traffic-clogged cities, rising sea levels, desertification, dust storms, disappearing ice sheets and glaciers, and the devastation of powerful hurricanes. Some of the most alarming images are views from space that show the infinite number of electric lights used by developed countries at night. Brown denounces politicians who are too afraid of losing votes to take action to prevent the coming cataclysm, and he reserves special condemnation for George W. Bush. He finds hopeful signs, however, in the surprising number of developing countries, including Costa Rica and Papua, New Guinea, that have pledged to tackle climate change; many countries, including Denmark, Norway and Japan, are replacing fossil fuels with new technologies such as wind and solar power, geothermal power plants, and wave and undersea turbines. Brown's persuasive book drives home the message that the whole world needs to follow suit without delay. (Oct.)