Title Author Publisher Binding Pages
Canada in Africa: 300 Years of Aid and Exploitation Yves Engler Fernwood Publishing Paperback 328
Crude Awakening: Money, Mavericks, and Mayhem in Alaska Tony Hopfinger Nation Books Hardcover 304
Stormy Weather Tim Ogline New Society Publishers Paperback 288
Disrupting Queer Inclusion: Canadian Homonationalisms and the Politics of Belonging (Sexuality Studies Series) Suzanne Lenon UBC Press Hardcover 224
Climate Cover-Up: The Crusade to Deny Global Warming Richard Littlemore Greystone Books Paperback 240
Simply Vegan: Quick Vegetarian Meals Reed Mangels Vegetarian Resource Group Paperback 224
Plan C: Community Survival Strategies for Peak Oil and Climate Change Pat Murphy New Society Publishers Paperback 304
Winning Back the Words: Confronting Experts in an Environmental Public Hearing Mike Gismondi University of Toronto Press, Higher Education Division Paperback 192
Pests of the Garden and Small Farm: A Grower's Guide to Using Less Pesticide, Second edition Mary Louise Flint University of California Press Paperback 286
Storm Warning - Gambling with the Climate of Our Planet Lydia Dotto Doubleday 1999 Hardcover 344
The Worm Book: The Complete Guide to Gardening and Composting with Worms Loren Nancarrow Ten Speed Press Paperback 160
War, Big Oil and the Fight for the Planet: It's the Crude, Dude Linda McQuaig Anchor Canada Paperback 384
The Citizen's Guide to Lead: Uncovering a Hidden Health Hazard Kathy Cooper Nc Pr Paperback
Native Plants for Prairie Gardens (Prairie Gardener) June Flanagan Fifth House Publishers Paperback 208
May All Be Fed: 'a Diet For A New World : Including Recipes By Jia Patton And Friends John Robbins Harper Perennial Paperback 416
Diet for a New America: How Your Food Choices Affect Your Health, Happiness and the Future of Life on Earth Second Edition John Robbins HJ Kramer/New World Library Paperback 464
The 100-Mile Diet: A Year of Local Eating J.B. Mackinnon Vintage Canada Paperback 288
Mad Cowboy: Plain Truth from the Cattle Rancher Who Won't Eat Meat Howard F. Lyman Scribner Paperback 224
Anarchism and Socialism George Plechanoff CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform Paperback 126
Heat: How to Stop the Planet From Burning George Monbiot Anchor Canada Paperback 304
Our Bodies, Our Bikes (Bicycle) Elly Blue Elly Blue Publishing Paperback 192
The Politics of Food Don Mitchell Lorimer Hardcover 242
Greening the Garden: A Guide to Sustainable Growing Dan Jason New Society Pub Paperback
The Whale and the Supercomputer: On the Northern Front of Climate Change Charles Wohlforth North Point Press Hardcover 336
The Greening of America, 25th Anniversary Edition Charles A. Reich CROWN TRADE PAPERBACKS Paperback 433
Green Alternative: Creating an Ecological Future Brian Tokar R & E Miles Paperback 184
Farmageddon: Food and the Culture of Biotechnology Brewster Kneen New Society Publishers Paperback 240
Keeping Our Cool: Canada In A Warming World Andrew Weaver Viking Hardcover 336
Slick Water: Fracking and One Insider's Stand against the World's Most Powerful Industry Andrew Nikiforuk Greystone Books Hardcover 240
Tar Sands: Dirty Oil and the Future of a Continent, Revised and Updated Edition Andrew Nikiforuk Greystone Books Paperback 280
The Environment Equation Alex Shimo-Barry New Holland Books Paperback
A Sand County Almanac Aldo Leopold Paperback
Books Seeds of Deception - 1 book Books
The Faces of our Food: A Local Food Directory Slow Food - Southern Alberta
Pulses: Cooking with Beans, Peas, Lentils, and Chickpeas Pulse Canada Canada paperback
Grow Organic
The Green Chain: Nothing is Ever Clear Cut Mark Leiren-Young Heritage House paperback 266
Every Drop for Sale: Our Desperate Battle Over Water in a World About to Run Out Jeffrey Rothfeder TarcherPerigee Hardcover 205
Bioregional Solutions: For Living on One Planet (Schumacher Briefings) Pooran Desai & Sue Riddlestone UIT Cambridge Ltd. paperback 120
Global Warning: The Last Chance for Change book cover Global Warning: The Last Chance for Change Paul Brown Readers Digest Books Hardcover 320

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