Building Community in Crisis
Day: Thursdays, May 6th - June 10th, 2021
Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm.

This year we have collectively and individually faced challenges, many of which we are still learning how to navigate. The pandemic has created opportunities not only to reimagine how we interact with ourselves, our homes and our networks - but also with our communities. The challenges faced have brought many of us back to the basics of community organization. Decades of neoliberal policies have exacerbated economic disparity, and the pandemic has laid bare how deeply leadership matters when it comes to prioritizing people over profit.

Community organizing is organizing grounded in our neighbourhoods. This six-week course is designed to build skills and knowledge about community organizing to empower you to make change in your community through collective action - whatever that looks and feels like for you. Whether it is online or in-person, community organizing consists of mutual aid, collective decision making, collective action regarding an issue in our area and support networks to provide physical or emotional support. We want to ensure folks have the skills they need to weather any storm the future may bring, while building stronger community connections before, during and after.

During this six-week course, every week there will be a workshop led by an experienced organizer on a specific skill, knowledge base or practice-based model on community organizing. This course is designed to be completed in full - with each workshop building off the last. This course is designed for all folks regardless of experience and previous knowledge. . We will learn from each other as well as from the workshop facilitators.

Dates and Times:
This is a six-week course, running every Thursday from May 6th to June 10th from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. These workshops will not be recorded.

We recognize that this time and day will not work for everyone, and if you cannot attend because of schedule conflicts we would love your feedback for future planning.

The expectation is that each participant will plan to attend every session. Participants will get certificates of completion after the course.

Workshops themes include: 
How-to-do Mutual Aid, organizing workers in solidarity, organizing models, discussing important issues with friends and neighbours, Anti-Oppression training and Climate Crisis organizing.

How to attend Building Community in Crisis:
All workshops will be held over zoom. Zoom links will be sent out to you once you have registered. You will need a decent Internet connection. The workshops are designed to be engaging so participation from each person is expected. You will be provided a notebook, pen and pencil and any other tools* you may need to be able to participate from your own space.
*LPIRG does not have the funds to directly supply computers or the Internet but we do have connections to organizations, like the Lethbridge Public Library that may be able to support you with these resources.

How to Register:
Registration is taking place through EventBrite. You can register HERE.

We are using a pay-what-you-can (PWYC) model with a requested payment of $25.00. Building Community in Crisis is partially funded through the City of Lethbridge Heart of our City grant and the remaining costs are funded through LPIRG directly. We do not expect or even aim to make a profit on this course, but if you can help contribute to the cost of the course (primarily, paying the amazing facilitators and staff to make this happen), we deeply appreciate it. Any funds made above the cost of the course will be re-directed into other LPIRG programming.

Questions? Comments?:
You can reach us at!